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Stock Images of the Month

Many thanks to the purchasers from the USA, Colombia, UK, Oman, Japan and more for buying stock images for January and February.

So, where do all these pictures go?

It's always interesting to know where my pictures end up and a recent google back browser search reveals their use in a diverse range of online publications and blogs. Admittedly, not all of these are adequately credited, but it's still nice to see the majority of images going to good use. As the vast majority of my shots are for editorial use, and often taken on my travels, inevitably tourism is a big sector, and examples have been used for Venice (Italy), Skopelos (Greece) and Bristol (UK).

But there is also a strong environmental and social element and I'm particularly pleased to see that images are involved in promoting good causes. Two shots in particular seem very popular and have appeared in numerous sites promoting green causes and workers rights, including one for Amnesty International.

So, despite being far from being financially lucrative, stock photography does offer a good outlet for images that would otherwise just sit on the hard drive. In addition to promoting good causes, it's also kind of reassuring that someone is interested in your work, willing to pay for it and happy for it to be seen by thousands of visitors. So, you never know, one of those files, no matter what you think of it, may actually be worth something to someone.

You can check out more of my stock work for Shutterstock, iStock for Getty, Alamy and EyeEm, on my portfolio page here:

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